The Four Functions Of Management Essay

The Four Functions Of Management Essay

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Part 1: The Four Functions of Management

Companies hire managers to perform a multitude of operations to ensure that the business is successful. They must continuously oversee several functions efficiently to lead the organization to success. A manager’s duties can be numerous, however the fundamentals fall into four main categories which are: planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. One of the primary functions of a manager is planning. Establishing a plan to meet a company’s goals is an instrumental duty that is the first step towards efficient management. The second function is organizing. Once plans are established a manager needs to implement them. Organizing requires consolidation of resources to provide the most efficient use to accomplish goals. The next function is leading. While some may consider managing and leading the same concept-leadership entails an entirely different thought process. Leading involves building trust and camaraderie among employees. Leaders work to instill a sense of desire within their employees. Rather than employees doing because they have to-leaders use trust so employees want to achieve a company’s goals. The next function in effective management is controlling. Once managers have an organized plan and are able to lead effectively; they must be able establish controls to meet the goals. Controlling involves evaluating the efforts of employees within the organization. Managers must monitor the organization’s performance to ensure goals are being reached and correct any deficiencies.

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... used to optimize productivity through the practice of organization and cleanliness. The first step is the sieri process, which means to sort out and organize work areas, leaving only the items necessary to perform tasks. The second step of the process is seito which denotes to set in order frequently used items in an arrangement that is highly visible and accessible. The third step in the process is seiso which signifies to shine. Basically, maintain equipment by cleaning and inspecting to help prevent malfunction. The fourth step is seiketsu, which is standardizing procedures in the workplace based on best practices. And finally, the fifth step in the process is shitsuke, which is reinforcing and evaluating best practices to build upon previous steps. The 5S methodology provides a simple tool for organizational process improvement by efficient organization.

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