The Four Elements Of Community Policing Essay

The Four Elements Of Community Policing Essay

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Community Policing
Community policing is the philosophy that promotes strategies that support the use of partnerships and problem- solving techniques that are proactively address conditions to rise public safety issues like fear of crime, social disorder, and crime. There are three components to community policing, they are community partnerships, organizational transformation, and problem solving. The four elements of community policing are community involvement, problem solving, a community base, and redefined goals for the police.
Community partnerships are collaborative partnerships between the police, civilians, and other organizations to help make solutions to issues, also to increase trust in the law enforcement. Here are some examples of some organizations that the police can partner up with, they are health and human services, child support services, ordinance enforcement and prosecutors. Community groups are a valuable resource for identifying community concerns these groups are formal and informal community leaders, volunteers, and activists. There are also nonprofit providers and private businesses that help with the health of the community by providing resources to help bear in addressing problems of mutual concern. The media is the most powerful mechanism by which to communicate to the community. The media can have a significant impact on the perception of the police, crime problems, fear of crime, available solutions, new laws and codes that will be enforced, and new community agencies.
Organization transformation is the alignment of the organizational structure to support community partnerships and proactive problem solving. The community-policing model infuses police management and ideas with the communit...

... middle of paper ... joining gangs or getting them to quit the gang life. One of the programs that was establish in the mid 1990s by the office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention was the Community –Wide Approach to Gang prevention, intervention, and suppression program.
In closing there have been several approaches to making partnership successful between the community, agencies, and law enforcement. There was an act that was developed 1998 in the U.K., which was the Crime and Disorder Act. This mandated community partnerships to fight crime or other issues. The act made each partnership to carry out a crime audit to collect information on police statistics, surveys, and several other forms every three years. This goes to show that with a healthy relationship between citizens and other criminal stopping or intervening agencies can provide a community with reduced crime.

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