The Four Domains Of Competencies For Registered Nurses Essay

The Four Domains Of Competencies For Registered Nurses Essay

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This essay will discuss the four domains of competencies for registered nurses (Nursing Council of New Zealand [NCNZ], 2012a) and how each competency relates to the practice between a registered nurse, Suzie and her patient, Mr. Brown. Nurse Suzie introduces herself to her patient and discusses the need to assess him while involving him in the care plan. Nurse Suzie asks Mr. Brown how his pain level is and advises she will get him pain relief. As part of the care plan, Nurse Suzie tells Mr. Brown that she will get a health care assistant to help him with showering; and have his bed linen changed while he is up. Nurse Suzie also advises Mr. Brown that she will change the dressing on his surgical wound after he has showered.

This discusses competencies from domain three (NCNZ, 2012a) which involves building relationships between professional staff and patients; and uses communication beneficial to patient health (p. 5). Nurse Suzie introduces herself to Mr. Brown, explaining she will be his nurse today. This relates to competency 3.1 (NCNZ, 2012a) that Nurse Suzie is displaying respect and starting to build a trusting interpersonal relationship with Mr. Brown (p. 25). According to Miller & Nambiar-Greenwood (2011) building trust enables the patient to feel comfortable disclosing information of a personal nature (p. 24). Nurse Suzie goes on to explain the care plan they need to complete, which relates to competency 3.2 (NCNZ, 2012a) where she is involving Mr. Brown in some of the decision-making, promoting his independence and confidence (p. 26). Nurse Suzie is also allowing Mr. Brown his autonomous decision (New Zealand Nurses Organisation [NZNO], 2010, p. 15) by giving him all the information about his care plan ...

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...ecific part of the scenario. Domain three relates to the nurse building a trusting relationship with the patient to establish an environment where the patient feels comfortable discussing information of a personal nature and promoting the patient 's right to make choices around their care plan. Domain two relates to the nurse evaluating and managing patient care while using practice backed by experience and displaying an understanding of professional procedures. Domain four relates to working within a team environment and delegating to a health care assistant, giving clear instructions and establishing clarification of understanding from the health care assistant. Domain one relates to professional responsibility while being aware of patient needs and safety, and working within regulatory guidelines that display a knowledge and familiarity with professional policies.

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