Four Different Economic Systems and Which One I Think Best Suits South Africa's Mixed Economy

Four Different Economic Systems and Which One I Think Best Suits South Africa's Mixed Economy

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The different emphasis placed by different societies about several goals and priorities to answer the three key economic questions has lead to the evolvement of four different economics systems which i will critically analyse in this assignment. Furthermore, i will be critically discussing South Africa as a mixed economy as to why it is characterized as a mixed economy and the suitability of the economic system for the current economic conditions.

“A government is not need to ensure the whole society’s welll-being” Adman Smith.


2.1. Traditional Economic System:
The traditional economy is a system whereby the goods and and products created by the society are shaped by the customs, beliefs and tradition. It is one which is not very dynamic and there is none much of modification occurring . The individuals standards of living are static, they do not enjoy much financial or occupational mobility, conversely Dr Butler, G(2013:158) stated “ One advantage of a traditional economy is that each person has a function in society.”

2.2. Planned Economic System:
A planned economy is an economic system which is controlled by the state, hence the usage and distribution of available resources are embodied in a formulated by a central authority.Government officials play a role in he regulation of prices, wages and even the determination of who should be employed. The planned economy refers to a centrally planned economy despite the fact that it is based on either centralized or decentralized forms of economic planning. Dr Butler, G(2013:159) outlines the aim of central planning which he has explained as means to improve productivity and coordination by enabling planners to take advanta...

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