Essay about The Four Components Of An Emotional Experience

Essay about The Four Components Of An Emotional Experience

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The four components of an emotional experience
Experiences and emotions have always come hand in hand. The reason why we remember certain experiences are because of the way we feel about the emotions we had in that exact moment things happened. Like people always asked what is your happiest memory or what is your saddest memory because those are the memories that stand out amongst all the others. During these weeks that I did the journal about my experiences and emotions I realized that I am constantly feeling something even when am watching TV I have am emotion about a certain scene I saw. But throw out the time they where certain situations that stood out to me and that fall into the four components of an emotional experience. In this paper I would describe my experiences and how they relate to the four components. Like appraisals of a stimulus were the situation is the stimulus that triggers the certain emotion. Changes in bodily sensations like sweating when you are nervous. Display of expressive gestures like smiling to people when you feel sad inside or talking to someone when you do not really want to talk to them. Last cultural meanings can fit into any of the three above it depends on your culture and your values and the way you will react to a certain situation. All four apply to some of the experiences I have had in the past weeks and I can relate and understand what they mean now and the reason why I reacted the way I did in some of the situations.
The first one I encounter with was at work, which fits into the appraisal of a situational stimulus. The reason is because I got to work and I came in and it was a good day so I was in a relatively good mood but I got in to work and I automatically started feeling irritated...

... middle of paper ...

...ugh I wont like something or am feeling blue I would smile and pretend like it’s okay because again it goes hand in hand with cultural meanings I was raised to not show when am upset and to always be polite. When someone talks to me that I don’t want to talk to I have to pretend like am interested although I may have to leave I stay there and smile until they are done talking. As for bodily sensation and appraisal of a situational stimulus I think they can go together. Like when I take a test I am already nervous going into it because is a test so while am taking it my hands are sweaty and I feel hot because I was nervous from the beginning. The fact that I know all this makes me think and reflect about my emotions and the way that am feeling at the moment. Now I know that feeling hot and sweaty is because of my bodily sensations because am nervous about something.

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