The Founder Of Buddhism 's Life Essay

The Founder Of Buddhism 's Life Essay

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The founder of Buddhism was a man named Siddhartha Gautama. He was born in 563 B.C.E lived in wealthy family and had a lot of privileges. His father was a warrior chief and was a higher ranking in the caste system. The caste system was speculations of purpose that consisted of maintaining order, suppressing people, and freezing an economic system. People were ranked by their socioeconomic status and they were also told who they could marry, have intimate relations with, and also eat with.
At the age of 29, Gautama left his palace, his wife, and his child, out of curiosity in order to see what lies behind his lavish and comforting lifestyle. He was found in shock when he saw many people in poverty and despair. He was riding a chariot through the city and met an old man who said he was aging and stated that becoming old was a painful and unavoidable part of life. Gautama wanted to learn more about the concept of pain and suffering. He came to the conclusion that pain is shown in all the parts of life. Pain was shown in illness, birth, aging, and death.
On Gautama’s final trip he met a holy man who did not care for nor live a lifestyle of material and wealth. This was a wakeup call for Gautama. He said goodbye to his family for the last time and went off on a journey to learn how to cure sorrow. He wanted to teach his ways of curing sorrow to other people. In order to achieve enlightenment, he sat under a tree and meditated. While meditating e practiced mudra in order to gain more knowledge. Mudra was a hand gesture used in India to indicate certain traits such as fearlessness, knowledge, and revelation.
Throughout his time of meditation, Gautama came to realize that temptation was an illusion. On the 49th day o...

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...always been supportive of it because it is nice to have a clear mind. I my opinion, a clear mind leads to a more productive day and one becomes calmer and wiser. I also think that no matter what type of background someone comes from anyone can be Buddhist. This is even shown in the founder. He was a wealthy man who lived lifestyles of pleasure and luxury until his day of curiosity changed his whole life.
Gautama was a rich and powerful man, but became humble, wise, and enlightened by taking sorrow out of his life. He became Buddha because of the action he took which shows that anyone living a lifestyle full of sorrow can find peace and nirvana if they try. That is the profound truth of Buddhism to me. Even though not many people in the world practice Buddhism compared to other religions, it still has had a major impact on the development of our world today.

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