Essay Foundations Of Choosing A Nursing Profession

Essay Foundations Of Choosing A Nursing Profession

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Foundations of Choosing a Nursing Profession
The primary influences of why I chose nursing began as a young child, when the idea of an occupation in the “medical field” got thrown around quite often. When I was around the age of 6 or 7, I went to the doctor’s office very often because I used to get all kinds of random allergic reactions. During the time when technicians were doing research on me to find what exactly I was allergic to, I remember being fascinated with all the tools and equipment they would use on me. At the time, it was like I lived in the laboratory because of how frequently I went to get tested. The experience of being in a medical setting like that so often ridded all anxiety I held towards going to the doctor for another test. Once the testing period was over, I distinctly remember leaving the lab for the last time thinking that I wanted to work in the same kind of setting when I was grown up.
Texas Lions Camp. The strongest component to my foundation of personal influences was when I had the opportunity to work with disabled children for an entire summer. Although the job required me to move to a new city and sacrifice my last summer before college started, I knew it would give me true clarity in knowing for sure if nursing was the profession I desired. Working with those children taught me many skills of responsibility and dedication, two of the most important traits and nurse can hold. In a similar way to how a nurse would with her patients, I fully put my heart into every role I needed to fill in my time at Texas Lions Camp. I cherished the experience I had gotten from this job opportunity and finally, after months of diaper changes, cleaning up accidents, and attending to every last need those campers had...

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...ours. Although it looks unjust, my actions are considered moral, regardless of the outcome, because I am producing the most good in saving a life.
Medical ethics can be tricky in deciding which theory one’s actions relate to the most, but when looking at cases with a more broad perspective it is clear that any almost any action can be justified as moral if the person’s ethical knowledge is great enough. I believe my personal goals as a nurse are similar to the views of Utilitarianism, just as my actions will be in sync with those of Kantian ethics. That in mind, I plan to use my knowledge about ethics and apply them in my career the most by putting my whole heart into my work every day. That way, the moral distress of not knowing if I am in the wrong or not will be less of an issue because my mind and heart are always centered on the lives of my patients.

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