The Foundation of Understanding Human Anatomy During Renaissance Period Essay

The Foundation of Understanding Human Anatomy During Renaissance Period Essay

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Our understanding in anatomy and physiology today will be deadened without the knowledge from the Renaissance period. Let take a short step to look at what is Renaissance? Based historian, Renaissance means rebirth because “it [is] believed that the human spirit [has] to be reawakened as it [is] in the classical (Greco-Roman) times” (). During this time, the new conception of human emerges as individualism which means a man can create his own destiny, and humanism in which “humans are the center of the universe” (). With their free will and the motion in seeking personal fame, artists engage themselves in learning the structure of human body to make their works more lifelike. With such knowledge, they have built the foundation for our understanding of anatomy today. In many art works during this period, the Dead Christ by Andrea Mantegna has great contribution to this foundation of anatomy with its perspectival depiction technic, understanding and knowledge of the body through Christ figure, and new meaning of the death.
First, to help one understand the painting completely, he or she need to place the painting in time period when it happens. As we know, Dead Christ is completed about 1490 in Renaissance period. Most paintings in this time represent human body accurately because many artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Andrea Mantegna, etc have studied structure of human body by dissecting human corpses. Besides the purpose to understand structure of human body, Renaissance men also try to find the cause of death. This practice of dissection has begun during Alexandria era (c.300-250 BC). However, it has been stopped during the Dark Ages “due to contemporaneous religious proscriptions” (). As artists enhance their knowledge of ...

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...rist’s physical appearance. The painting shows the process of individual exploration in human anatomy and the pursuit to gain more knowledge about the world around not only Mantegna but also other artist in Renaissance period. The idea of individual exploration is still caring to our modern world. It motives us to explore our world which still has many many mysteries and invent new technologies to lead us to a better life in future. With the knowledge of anatomy from Renaissance, we now can continue to explore and discover to gain more knowledge in this subject to help inventing new medicine for diseases, new machine for our filed relating to medical. In conclusion, the foundation of understanding human anatomy during Renaissance period, especially in the painting Dead Christ by Andrea Mantegna, has built concrete root for our house of anatomy and biology science.

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