Essay about The Foundation of Traditional Ethics

Essay about The Foundation of Traditional Ethics

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In “Abolition of Man”, author C.S. Lewis discussed the foundation of traditional ethics by embracing the Chinese word Tao, meaning “the Way.” Lewis declares that people today have assumed a place outside the Tao. This position involves, according to C.S. Lewis, a choice between two evils; and one or the other evil is our destiny if we believe that the Tao isn’t real. But aside from such everyday thoughts, there are hypothetical problems to this belief.
The demand to abandon traditional ethics is frequently related to what is thought to be a new and rational set of morals. This new standard typically amounts to the protection of humanity. This is still not a new value; it is as old as any other value and a part of the Tao. And it is hard to understand where else any standards could originate than in the Tao.
The thinking that helps to expose traditional ethics is the kind of reasoning that will never grasp applied conclusions. It can only create declarations of fact. Nor will it be helped by any call to instinct. To have impulsive needs doesn’t mean that we must obey them. Furthermore, wishes to guarantee an extended and joyful future for humanity is just one among many strong instincts, such as the necessity to protect one’s own life or children.
To choose which instinct is to be followed to what point, some advice from outside the realm of instinct is crucial. Applied values cannot be grasped as conclusions: they are principles. When one idea is known, the rationality of the Tao is indirectly familiar. And that means the legitimacy of all the other principles are as well. If there is, for example, a responsibility to future generations, then it is impossible to understand why there should not be a similarly required...

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Laws are being passed, not against our actions, but against what we think. If you don’t know that, you look at the free speech, you look at the fairness doctrine, you look at these other things, and I’m telling you, they want you. They don’t care if you’re a Muslim; they don’t care if you’re a Buddhist; they don’t care because it’s a war against truth, and Jesus is the way; He is the truth; He is the life. (True Woman)
As I read “The Abolition of Man” and listened to Kay Arthur’s message from the True Woman’s conference, it just reassures that with complete confidence no man is ever going to come to the Father but through Jesus.

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