The Foundation Of Ethics Is Instilled Essay

The Foundation Of Ethics Is Instilled Essay

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The foundation of ethics is instilled in a person during childhood. Children are usually taught at an early age, right from wrong, not to take what is not theirs, and to always speak the truth. The simple definition of Ethics is basically knowing right from wrong and believing in morals.
I will always be grateful to my mother for teaching me to never be mean or make fun of people. There was a classmate of mine that was burned in a house fire and was lucky to be alive, because his sister and mother were killed in it. I was very young and have memories of playing with him all the time. I didn’t realize until I got older and through my mother’s stories that kids and even adults were mean to him and his father. In my eyes, he was a friend with head to toe scars, but why would that have mattered to a child that was never taught differently.
I always had an empathetic heart. I always wanted to give money to those who seemed less fortunate. Not understanding my mother was a single mom, raising my sister and me off of my dad’s social security from him being killed in the line of duty. My mother never complained about anything so I thought everybody else were the less fortunate ones. We always had food and a house. We had birthdays with presents and Christmas with presents too and were surrounded by close friends and family. My mom, sister, and I took a yearly trip to California to see our extended family and my grandpa.
I remember when we would go to Durango to do some shopping, there was always a man that would stand with crutches on his one leg at the Kmart corner with a sign that read, “Homeless Veteran”. Every time we would pass him, I would beg my mom for a dollar to give him. She would always hand me one and for years, the tho...

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...rming everyday tasks is hard work and it may not be worth even getting out of bed for. The patient loses connections with friends and family and thinks the worst of life. When the patient is treated for depression, the patient’s world is completely new and living is no longer a task. Treating the patients frame of mind has an effect on the patient’s outlook of life and in turn starts to take care of them self as a whole, as in mind and body.
I believe that if you pay attention to the little things in life, it is those things that matter at the end of life. You get what you put out and how you treat others will ultimately affect you. Some believe it to be Karma and others believe it to be God that settles the score. In the end all you make are memories and all you leave are memories. It is up to you whether or not they are fond memories for the ones you leave behind.

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