Essay about Fostering Appreciation for Cultural Diversity

Essay about Fostering Appreciation for Cultural Diversity

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The Hispanic culture consists of people who are vibrant, socializing and fun loving people. The flare in the outfits and the high-energy dancing style is another example of life and vigor of the Latin culture. They have deep roots when it comes to family traditions and cultures. Every member of the family takes their responsibilities very seriously. Speaking of family each one is a closely-knit group that contains the generations of the grandparents as well as the grandchildren. The fathers are the head and the mother takes care of the home. It is instilled in every family member that it’s important to work to support your family and every takes that responsibility very seriously. It is also and expectation that everyone in the family will strive to help out around the house and also help those in the family who are in need. The areas that may require assistance range from help with education such as homework, helping with extra housework for someone ill, the types of responsibilities that can be assigned is endless. The only determining factor would be age, which is an indicator of maturity (Noble and LaCasa 1991).

Like most cultures family gatherings can help to bring the members closer together and strengthen their bonds. In the case of the Hispanic family this in most often done on road trip vacations to visit relatives and especially during the holidays. The hierarchy of honor begins with those who have lived the longest and extends to other relatives and finally it comes down to friends of the family. This position of honor was chosen because of the history and experience that these individuals has accumulated over the years. The younger generation sits and listens to their tales of the pas and how they would handle cer...

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