Foster Care System And Adoptions Essay

Foster Care System And Adoptions Essay

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Foster Care System and Adoptions can be very beneficial to children, but it can also be a huge risk. It is very beneficial needed in the community; otherwise where would some children be? Although it’s also huge risk because it’s taking someone’s child away and one may never know how the biological parent may react. However, the beneficial portion outweighs the risk portion.
There are many children in the world; every child has a parent. However, some parents are more mature than others. Some people are meant to be parents and, some people start out good parents but engage in some bad habits along the way. This is why there’s a foster care system and adoption in case that parent relies on their bad habits the rest of his/her life. Argys, studies “Every year, a large number of children in the United States enter the foster care system. Many of them are eventually reunited with their biological parents or quickly adopted” (933-954). This is so helpful to children because if they are in foster care, there provided with everyday needs and even some wants. This way they can stay in a stable environment and have rules to follow to stay out of trouble.
Rauktis, Mary E. describes rules as “Youth defined restriction as “rules”. The rules were about what youth can do, where they can go, who they can be with and how and with whom they can communicate. These rules were primarily characterized as inconsistent, arbitrary, non-individualized and developmentally inappropriate, although some characterized them as beneficial in the long term” (1224-1233). Which is true because this is how a regular household should be ran at all times. This way like Rauktis, Mary E said in the long term there would be no problem for following rules for school, ...

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...Especially now that the holidays are coming up, I’m sure the foster care systems and adoptions are going to sky rise because you have so many people that want to make sure a child in need has a good holiday. Not only holidays but every day. Making sure child is better today than yesterday is always great. Knowing that a child will never have to be in household that is unstable, abusive, and much more is awesome. It would be even better when the children become adopted by either their relatives or a caregiver.
Not saying foster care is not needed, because it is. However, when the children are officially adopted their pretty much in a permanent home. This way after six months the DFCS worker will no longer have to have monthly checkups as if they were in foster care. This is how the beneficial portion outweighs the risk portion dealing with foster care and adoptions.

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