Foster Care Is Beneficial for Children Essay

Foster Care Is Beneficial for Children Essay

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Only te n percent of children that are found abused are placed into foster care. The other ninety percent of children that are found being abused or neglected do not receive help. The goal of foster care is to help provide a stable, safe, and nurturing environment. “Foster care is the temporary placement of children and youth with families outside of their own home due to child abuse or neglect (Foster Parent Information par. 2)”. Children should have the opportunity to leave a harmful environment and to be placed somewhere safe and protected. Although many children are abused every day, only around 10 percent of children that are found abused are placed in foster care (Doyle pg.2). While in foster care, children are protected from abuse and neglect, provided with a stable family environment, and also offered essential health care needs like Medicaid for example. Even though it is never an easy decision to remove a child from their home, it is more safe and beneficial to bring the child to a safer and stable family environment. Foster care is beneficial to children because it protects children from abuse and neglect, creates a stable family environment, and provides essential health care.
Foster care creates a stable family environment. Children throughout the country have to learn to survive with their disoriented family every day; but they should not have too. A child should not dread to come home from school because they are scared of what might happen that night. While in foster care, they are able to be a part of a safe and stable family environment. Foster care guarantees that the child will have a foster parent that will take care and provide for them. The child will experience a home with a family that cares a...

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...r original home and placed into to foster care can be traumatic enough. Unfortunately some children are then adopted into a new family and then soon after placed back into foster care. There is no permanent place these children can call home. In some cases, there are multiple siblings sent into foster care. Some foster families try to take all the siblings from one family so they are not separated but sometimes it does not work out that way. Some children are separated from their siblings and are also unable to see them for many years. It is very scary for younger children to be forced out of their home into a new one; especially if they do not have their older sibling with to help and explain that everything is going to be okay. Moving from foster family to foster family makes it difficult for family to keep in touch which also leads to future behavioral problems.

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