Foster Care Is A Reality For Many Children Essay

Foster Care Is A Reality For Many Children Essay

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Foster care is a reality for many children. At any point in time there is approximately 400,540 children in foster care with about 34% of these children spending and average stay of one to eleven months at a time with a foster family(Harden,2015). The need for foster care is crucial to help children and their families. The role of both a foster family and social worker aides the effectiveness of the care provided, it has many advantages and is also accompanied by disadvantages and issues that prevent foster care from being efficient.
Foster care provides families for children that need to be placed outside their home and away from their biological family. The role of a foster family is crucial in helping a child placed in foster care to feel safe. The fostering family should be supportive of the biological parents and refrain from any negative statements about the parents. When the time is right the family should encourage the child to visit and communicate with the biological parents. This will help to promote and encourage communication between the child and both the biological and foster parents. It is important for the child to witness both sets of parents communicating in a respectful manner. This reassures the child that it is okay to trust and accept the foster parents. In addition, it will also help to provide a smooth transition when it is time for the child to return home. Advocacy is another role of a foster parent. Foster parents will spend more time with a foster child. This allows for them to get to know the child better and learn things that a social worker would be unable to learn. The information that is gained from the child will give the foster parents the capability to advocate for the child in order to h...

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...its advantages to providing care for the child they foster. Placing a child with a family that is a good fit for both the child and foster family will provide a controlled and stable environment. It will present a parental influence that will help the child to feel secure and provide structure. As soon as the child has no fears or conflicts from their previous home this will allow for the healing process to begin (Crosson-Tower, 2014, p.318). Assessments and doctor appointments can be done to help determine any delays in development or language that may not have been done when the child was outside of foster care. The assessments and appointments are useful for developing plans that can be implanted to help the child to reach any unmet developmental levels and encourage positive growth. These advantages will continue to help the child to heal and put them on a path

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