Fossil Fuels on Americas Future Essay

Fossil Fuels on Americas Future Essay

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It is widely accepted that the use of fossil fuels as an energy source has had disastrous effects on the environment. In America alone 73% of the energy supplied comes from the burning of oil and coal. The dependency America has on fossil fuel is wide spread; you experience it directly when you drive your car and turn on the lights to read this paper. What about the 27% of the energy used to supply the population of America (Smil 55).Some of it comes from a diverse sub-level of energy sources, called renewable energy. Just saying the words ‘renewable energy’ you receive a feeling of hope for the sustainability of the planet’s wellbeing. The sad truth is that pound for pound oil and coal produce more energy than any other renewable energy source in a cost convenient form in America and across the globe today; then what do the current advances in technology and sustenance in the energy supply sector reveal about the future of America’s dependency on fossil fuels?
America’s dependence on oil is destabilization the country’s security by tying the U.S to unstable countries, hence increasing the risk of conflict around the globe as accessible reserves in stable regions have been exhausted, oil extraction has gradually shifted to more precarious corners of the globe. Currently, the world’s subsequent oil provider includes a catalog of misfortune areas, which include Angola, Chad, Sudan, and Venezuela. Renewable energy can reduce oil dependence and improve the country’s security in several ways. The United States right now imports 13 million barrels of oil each day which is about 60 % of its everyday consumption, at cost of $300 billion per annum. This trend shows that America will depend on imports for 70 % of its oil by 2025. As Presid...

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... revolutionary strategy hastens the paste to change, then it too will be ordained for a long transition.(Smil 57) So the conclusion is that time is only factor when it come s to the shifts in energy sources, but does the United States ,much more human civilization have enough time to shift to cleaner sources of fuel before the consequences of using excessive fossil fuels catch up to us?

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