Essay on Fossil Fuels : An Source Of Energy

Essay on Fossil Fuels : An Source Of Energy

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Ever since the Industrial Revolution, fossil fuels have been used to power the World’s economy. When the world first discovered oil as an energy source in 1859, it seemed like an ideal source of energy. Energy that had no limits and no negative effects. It is now clear that thinking of fossil fuels as a limitless supply of free energy without any negative effects is a very foolish mindset. However, this mindset was so prevalent throughout the entire twentieth century that America and many other nations around the world have become totally dependent on fossil fuels as their main source of energy. The problem with being so dependent on fossil fuels is that they are in limited supply in the world and they are non-renewable. In fact, the world may have a smaller supply of oil than was previously believed. Current oil supplies in all nations combined would last the world only approximately forty-one years, according to Gilbert Masters, Stanford Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering (Chandler 1). Not only is reliance on fossil fuels foolish because of their limited nature, the carbon dioxide emissions they cause are found to be the primary cause of global warming ( 1). Is humanity really so blind that they cannot see the negative effects fossil fuels are creating in their environment? Are people really going to just sit around and do nothing while they slowly run out of energy and plunge the world into anarchy? The world cannot afford to rely on fossil fuels as its main energy source any longer; nations must turn to alternative sources of energy to preserve the environment and ensure sources of renewable energy for future generations.
Preservation of the environment should take priority over the convenience of using ...

... middle of paper ... creature on Earth is being negatively affected by the continued use of fossil fuels. Using alternative sources of energy instead would improve life for all. The only reason alternative energy sources have not had more success already is because of the huge amount of influence oil companies have on the economy. Large oil companies would rather destroy the environment with carbon-dioxide emissions until every last drop of oil is used up than see alternative energy sources steal their business. The first step to implementing alternative energy sources is reducing the influence of oil on the economy. Relying solely on fossil fuels for energy is one of the biggest mistakes humanity has ever made. Alternative energy sources are the only way to way to solve this problem. Humanity needs to make the shift from fossil fuels to alternative energy now, before it is too late.

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