Fossil Fuel usage Destroying Earth's Environment Essay

Fossil Fuel usage Destroying Earth's Environment Essay

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It’s a common problem everybody has at least a teeny bit of care for: “Fossil Fuel Usage Destroying Earth’s Environment!” Thus, scientists have proposed many alternative fuels useable in place of fossil fuels. However, it seems none of these alternative fuels come without a drawback of some kind. Which, if any, alternative fuel is truly practical and an effective substitute, yet safe for the environment?
During the 1960’s and 1970’s, people began to fear for what would happen should the world’s supply of fossil fuels run dry (Sustainable). Not a surprise, since fossil fuels were the main source of global energy at the time, and still are. Science proposed many a solution to the problem, but it seemed the most practical thing to do was to conserve fossil fuels by replacing them with a renewable fuel of some kind. As a result, many different kinds of clean, renewable fuel were discovered or invented, then put into use all over the world. This is where most of our ideas of alternative fuels today came from. However, in more recent times, scientists have discovered that the total amount of fossil fuels left on Earth is still quite plentiful, enough to last a few hundred more years or so at the rate they were using them in the 60’s and 70’s (Sustainable). However, consumption has risen since then, as alternative fuel usage has died down and people are less scared of running out of fossil fuels then they once were, as seen by the tremendous increase in fossil fuel usage since then (Cusick). However, the massive consumption of fossil fuels worldwide has created different problems.
Be them environmental, medical, or security problems, many problems are created when the world focuses on mainly using finite fossil fuels. Let’s look at a ...

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... is the tactic people are using today to try to reduce fossil fuel usage. The only thing that people today need is a reason to replace fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the only thing capable of meeting the worldwide energy demand at the moment, however, so a reason may not come until the earth’s supply is close to dry, but with a motivation, we could get rid of the issues surrounding fossil fuel usage forever.

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