The Formulation Of Human Resources Strategy And Policies Specialists Essays

The Formulation Of Human Resources Strategy And Policies Specialists Essays

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The formulation of human resources strategy and policies specialists should act as advisors to and educators of top management. It is important that all of general management, and most especially top management, are human resources literate. But being a general manager usually means being literate about a lot of stuff and an expert on rather little, and unless the CEO or the division (or business unit or regional) chief has a human resources background, she is unlikely to be a working force expert. Some of human resources management is pretty straightforward common sense. Take, for instance, the design and redesign of performance appraisal systems. Given the number of different goals that performance appraisal serves, it is common sense how to achieve an appropriate balance. It 's even harder to anticipate all the feedback effects that a change in performance appraisal practices will bring.

Perhaps most subtle of all is the notion that change in performance appraisal for its own sake may have benefits. Or, to take a somewhat more mundane but still very critical aspect of staffing and recruiting, consider job interviews: Should they be unstructured, so that a skillful interviewer can follow leads that develop in the course of the interview; or should they follow a script, so that there is a firmer basis for the inevitable cross-person comparisons that follow interviews? Should they be conducted one-on-one, which may encourage the candidate to relax; or many-on-one, to reduce interviewer caprice? The general point is that a specialist - someone who follows the literature on human resources management and is educated to appreciate the nuanced conclusions of human resources research - can help find answers to questions that general m...

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...dea of being a "career" employer. He believes this will give the company a competitive edge against other technology firms, which have tended to deemphasize commitments to their employees and play up the notion that individual employees must be responsible for their own careers.

Whether or not this gambit succeeds, it certainly illustrates the sort of enterprise in which we think the head of human resources should be engaged. In this firm, as in most, the CEO is far too busy dealing with strategic, technological, legal, and regulatory issues to design and oversee such a thorough study of the company 's reputation in the labor market (even if the CEO had the skills to do so, which many do not.) And line managers and their partners are too worried about staffing particular positions and fighting local personnel fires to be reflecting on the longer-term issues strategy.

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