Essay on Forms of Pro American Empire Propaganda

Essay on Forms of Pro American Empire Propaganda

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Strategic communications, public diplomacy, information operations, image and perception management, influence activities, Psychological Operations (PSYOPS), and Military Information Support Operations (MISO) are all terms used by different branches of the US government to describe manners of selectively transmitting information, through varied forms of media, to foreign citizens and governments. The information transmitted usually depicts a positive perception of the American empire, and /or mars the reputation of groups in opposition to the empire. These forms of pro-American empire propaganda, are used in order to legitimize the empire's use of hard power, and make its culture and ideologies more attractive to others, in order to influence their views, opinions and activities. Nye (1990) terms the successful use of these measures as “soft co-optive power” (p. 32).
One of the most underestimated, powerful and successful forms of “soft co-optive power,” in terms of spreading a positive image of American empire, has been American television and film media. American television and film media is not always created or diffused, to specifically influence non-Americans; neither does it always transmit the messages the empire wishes to diffuse foreign audiences; nor has it always been received and interpreted by others, as intended, however, it remains incalculably influential on the whole. This paper will argue that American television and film media has better accomplished the task of “winning hearts and minds,” and spreading American styled democracy and neo-liberal economic ideology in Saudi Arabia, than US government methods, specifically created to accomplish these tasks, have done. As American television and film media and it...

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...ision while staying in an American hospital (p. 73-74, p.158) So taken by this experience that in 1963 King Saud issued a royal decree that it was necessary for Saudi Arabia to create its own television broadcast system, with stations in Jeddah and Riyadh (Fraser, 2003, p. 158; Boyd, 1970, p. 74). The national broadcast system was not without its detractors even within the Saudi royal family. (Fraser, 2003, p.159)

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