Essay on Formative And Summative Assessment Strategies Teachers

Essay on Formative And Summative Assessment Strategies Teachers

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Assessment plays an integral part of the teaching and learning process by providing teachers with information on students’ developing mathematical capabilities (Booker, Bond, Sparrow, & Swan, 2010; Reys et al., 2012). Assessment is a daily requirement within the primary school context and when properly developed and interpreted can be used positively to encourage students, provide information to direct and modify teaching and learning activities, provide feedback to students about progress and contribute to reporting (Department of Education and Early Childhood Development [DEECD], 2009; Junpeng, 2012; New South Wales Department of Education and Communities, 2011). This essay will examine formative and summative assessment strategies teachers draw on to assess students’ mathematical understanding. Additionally, this essay will compare and critically evaluate the benefits and limitations of various tools and teaching approaches such as observations and teacher designed paper-and-pencil tests frequently utilised in primary mathematics classrooms.
Assessment is the process of gathering, analysing and recording evidence of students’ mathematical capabilities from multiple and varied sources in order to develop a deep understanding of what students know, understand and can do (Booker et al, 2010). As Australia’s student population becomes more diverse (Churchill et al., 2013; Meldrum & Peters, 2012) it is essential classroom assessment assessment strategies are inclusive and provide fair, valid, reliable and useful measures of student performance (McMillan, 2011). It is therefore important teachers utilise a range of assessment strategies and approaches to gain an accurate and complete representation of each student’s developing ma...

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..., 2004; Reys et al., 2012). Assessment tasks involve various ways of presenting tasks to students, then gathering, analysing and presenting information from assessments so that valid inferences about students ' progress can be made. Formative assessment methods such as teacher observations, questioning through individual interactions, paired and group discussions and open-ended tasks become an integral part of classroom activities and encourage and promote learning. Summative assessment tasks such as end-of-term tests and standardised tests are used to document what students know, understand and are able to do. There are benefits and limitations to all methods of assessing mathematics and it is essential teachers are conscious of any limitations. Teachers need to implement a range of suitable assessment strategies to promote positive student learning outcomes.

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