The Formation Of The Great Empires During The Axial Age Essay

The Formation Of The Great Empires During The Axial Age Essay

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There are many different examples of interaction that led to the formation of the great Empires during the Axial Age. Examples of these forms of interaction could be cultural, biological, economic, religious, military, and spatial. The question at hand, is which one of these forms was single handedly the most important regarding growth in the Axial Age? In my opinion, the most important form of interaction was religion. There were advances in science, democracy, art, and philosophy pertaining to the Empires of the Axial Age, but the greatest advancement was linked to religion. Religion was the carrier of culture and order. Leaders arose through these religious advancements and some of these foundations of faith still exist today. These leaders attracted a large following and helped various empires grow in their cultural, economic, and social categories as well as spiritual. These radical religious concepts formed almost simultaneously in Greece, India, China, and even the Middle East. The fact they were so closely related time wise in each empire is remarkable evidence of itself. Islam and Christianity were also founded in this age and are presently the two major world religions. As follows are other examples pertaining to these Empires development on a spiritual level during the Axial Age, which in my opinion contributed to their formation and growth the most.
Religious thinking or new thoughts of God were originated in this period. Creationism, Monotheism, and Devine Love were extremely influential in these various Empires as well as in global history. The World by Felipe Fernandez-Armesto states their importance by summarizing “the idea of a divine creator, responsible for everything else in the universe; the idea of a single...

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...ked to the region wide spread of mass religion all around the same time period. Religion also shaped the political mindset of the region. Political optimism and pessimism was derived and linked to spiritual beliefs. Evidence strongly indicates the advances made in the Axial Age via interaction. Some may side with military or economic interaction resulting in the growth of the region during this time. While these are definite factors, they are not the most important in my opinion. When it is all said and done there is one thing that stands out when learning about the Axial Age and new ways of thinking appearing in India, China, Greece, and Persia without any specific cultural contact. How is this possible you might ask? The spiritual transformation of the region.


Fernandez-Armesto, Dr Felipe. The World: Volume 1: A History. Pearson, 2016. Print.

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