The Formation of Major Weather Events Essay

The Formation of Major Weather Events Essay

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For a tornado to form there must be a cold front, and low-level moisture. Tornadoes are associated with big and strong thunderstorms. A column of warm and humid air will rise quickly. How it begins to rotate is not understood by scientists, but what they think is that two different winds with different altitudes and speeds. This creates a wind shear. The column of air sometimes gets caught in a super cell updraft. The updraft will tighten and speed up. When it begins to rain and hail, the precipitation will push down the column of air to create a tornado. Tornadoes mostly occur on the southern half of the U.S. More thunderstorms take place which a necessity for a tornado to form. Normally they move from southwest to northeast. The intensity of a tornado is measured by the Fujita-Pearson Tornado Scale. Safety percussions are very important during the time of a tornado. When you are in a public place, go to the designated shelter you will be informed about. When you are at home, go to the basement or the most interior room. If you are caught out in the open, lay flat in a ditch and cover your head with your hands to protect yourself from flying debris.
Hurricanes need a warm front to trigger them. Air from other areas with higher air pressure will push in to the low pressure area. Then that air becomes warm and moist and rises too. When the warm air is still rising, the surrounding air swirls in to take its place. When the warm and moist air starts to cool down, the water in the air forms clouds. All of the clouds will spin and grow, using the ocean’s heat as fuel. Hurricanes occur over tropical oceans. When they start, they will usually move westward, when they spin, they spin clockwise. They are measured by the Saff...

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...he base of the cloud and ground is below 40 Degrees Fahrenheit. But, if it were to fall at a higher temperature it would turn the ice crystals into rain or sleet. Obviously snowstorms occur in cold places like Minnesota in the winter time. Normally they will travel south since the big, heavy, and cold air mass is blown down from the north. The intensity is measured by how much snow is falling. For example: It may be a light fall of snow, or a blizzard. When it is snowing, you should try to stay off the roads. If you do drive your car in the snow, be sure to pack emergency supplies such as: mittens, jackets, blankets, matches, and water. Be sure to keep your house warm and yourself if you are outside. Don’t go outside during a blizzard. The blizzard could be so extreme, you would only be able to see white and you would get lost.

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