The Formation And Expansion Of The Mongol Empire Essay

The Formation And Expansion Of The Mongol Empire Essay

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There are several recorded key factors that contributed to the formation and expansion of the Mongol Empire. Namely the leadership of Genghis Khan who desired to the unity of the Mongols, influenced and strategized the formulation and expansion of the Mongol Empire, beginning with uniting the tribes and gaining followers, Genghis paved the way for the formulation of this Empire. Also other prominent individuals such as Ögedei Khan were significant leaders in the conquest to conquer Eurasia. Using tactics such as Military strategies that they used to enforce fear and obtain influence, accompanied with political manipulation and the unity of the Mongol Tribes, Mongols ' prodigious conquest of the expansion of their empire came from their management of their unified troops and utilization of material resources. They managed to use torturous tactic and violent attacks to gain power and influence, in some cases of an unrelenting communal the Mongols ruthlessly destroyed the people of that town and thus the empire of the Mongols grew with every undefeated attack.

The formation and expansion of the Mongol Empire was made possible through a combination of military expertise and diplomacy. Rulers such as Genghis Khan played a huge role in the commencement of the formation of the Mongol Empire. He was an individual that worked towards training his followers to be effective assets towards the development of the Mongol Empire. The Mongol Empire conquered through the uniting of the steppe tribes which is one of the key contributing factors of the formulation of the Mongol Empire. This was also an example of his diplomacy because regardless of religion as his followers included Christians, Buddhists and Muslims, he did not discriminate any of ...

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...e tribes urged everyone to get involved in anything they can contribute without discrimination, thus giving him both unity amongst tribes as well as loyal followers.

In conclusion, the key factors to the formation and expansion of the Mongol Empire were a combination of several contributing factor. The leadership in of Genghis Khan which commenced the formation through the unification of the Mongol people lead to the training of highly trained armies. The unification of the tribes allowed the Mongols to manipulate their resources and strategically rapidly grow the Mongol Empire. Through these armies, the Mongol installed fear and conquered the minds of many that feared the invasion of the Mongol Army, using their horsemanship skills and training to carry out sieges and attacks, the Mongols successfully expanded their empire through Eurasia violently and ruthlessly.

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