Essay on Formal Observation On Formal Classroom Observation

Essay on Formal Observation On Formal Classroom Observation

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Assignment 4 - Formal Classroom Observation
A formal observation was conducted on a tenure history teacher, using the McRel Evaluation tool. Prior to the evaluation, the teacher met with the administrator to discuss the lesson objective and talk about the dynamics and make-up of the classroom. This classroom is a 9th grade inclusion classroom, consisting of a total of 21 students, ten with individual education programs. There are two teachers in the classroom, a general education teacher and a special education teacher. The teacher observed was the general education teacher.
The Lesson
The lesson objective is, the student will be able to define the electoral college and determine how many electoral votes each of the states is appointed. The lesson consisted of the use of technology, with each student accessing the internet on their laptop, as well as a displayed interactive electoral map displaced in the classroom. Both teachers were active in circulating the room the get the students started on the activity.
The administrator and myself entered the classroom after the warm-up. We observed the lesson using a form that recaps the five standards of the McRel Evaluation Tool. I began by simply recording what I was observing in the classroom. For example, I took notes on the activity, the explanations to the students, and the transitions from one activity to another. In addition, I observed the classroom environment, the set-up of the room, the visuals, decorations, and the procedures that were established in the classroom. I also observed the relationship between the teacher and the students.
The Observation
I learned many valuable lessons during this observation. The first is how to apply what I observed in the classroom to the McR...

... middle of paper ...

...terial, technology, and 21st century skills to name a few. This confirmed the frustration I was feeling as I was observing and writing my notes of the lesson. He went on to say, that the other standards are reflected from evidence the teacher uploads as well as documentation the administration can review, for example, grade book, lesson plans. Referrals among others.
As I reflect on this activity, I find comfort in the safety of observing this lesson with my administrator. What I mean is, I can form my opinion within the confines of it not affecting anyone’s performance. This is an invaluable lesson as a future leader in the school. It is important to have the practice time on evaluations, as well as, observe administrators. The more time I spend with the evaluation tool my district uses, the better prepared I will be when I have a leadership position in my district.

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