Formal Education At The University Of Colorado Boulder Essay

Formal Education At The University Of Colorado Boulder Essay

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The cultivation of my life experiences can be best summed up as the simultaneous engagement in praxis in three spheres: intrapersonal, interpersonal, and the organizational. The eight plus past years have been a transformative time in which I developed myself into a confident and purpose driven leader, maximizing every opportunity for growth in my respective communities. Through my narrative, I will outline the journey I have taken from my entrance into high school to my completion of formal education at the University of Colorado Boulder. I will remark on cornerstone events that have impacted my leadership development, preparing me to influence meaningful and ethical change for the benefit of myself and others.
My entrance into high school represented a key moment in my transformation from an ordinary individual in society to a leader influencing change. I became involved in many different clubs and organizations that I felt would provide diverse opportunities for personal and leadership growth.
One such challenge I took on included becoming an ambassador for the campus. As part of my role, I was responsible for contacting, organizing, and introducing distinguished guests and trustees during special convocation. This opportunity helped me to acquire skills in peer communication, develop my public speaking voice, and expand my personal confidence.
This opportunity propelled me to take on more challenging tasks such as developing my high school 's first green policy initiative, which set standards for present and future actions of the school in becoming more sustainable. I further went on to be the Vice President of an NGOs’ (Timmy Global Health) school chapter, planning a trip to Ecuador to provide aid supplies in support of l...

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...osed to dozens of various cultures, environments, and challenges that further opened my eyes to issues facing developing nations. The experience further challenged me to become a more resourceful problem-solver. Whether it was navigating my way through Japan, avoiding getting shot in South Africa, or preventing three armed men from breaking down the door in my rented moroccan house, these challenges were overcome by my ability to remain calm under pressure and recall my leadership training. My experiences abroad profoundly shaped my desire to travel, serve others, and ultimately serve my country.
As a Coast Guard Officer, my measure of success would not only be as a leader influencing decision-making and accountability, but as a mentor empower those around me to achieve higher standards of excellence for both themselves and as members of the United States Coast Guard.

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