The Formal Criminal Justice Process Essay

The Formal Criminal Justice Process Essay

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In the formal criminal justice process one has to undergo many steps before they can be released. There are two phases that one must endure before arrest they are the initial contact where a police officer observes, hears, or responds to criminal activity. The other is the investigation process where it is the burden of the police to find sufficient evidence to support a legal arrest. Once a person is arrested the police needs to have a probable cause for arresting the individual. Then the officer arrests the individual denying the individual their freedom. Second the officer takes the criminal into custody this is where an officer may want to search for more evidence or interrogate a person. Third, the individual will be charged if there seems to be enough evidence for the court to believe that they had committed a crime. The case will then be turned over to the prosecutor’s office. After the criminal charges have been given to the prosecutor they will then decide what charges will be given for what the evidence provides. The next step is a preliminary hearing, the U.S constitution states that before a trial can take place the government must first prove probable cause (Fagin, 2014). The fifth step of the process is an arraignment this is before a trial, the individual will be brought in (arraigned) this is where the charges will be presented to the person charged. After that a person will be granted or not granted bail, which is a money bond to ensure the return of the individual for their sentencing. If a person cannot afford bail they will be housed in the facility. The seventh phase is a plea bargain, this is where the defense and the prosecution come up with some sort of charges for the individual’s g...

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...courts cannot sentence juveniles to an adult correctional facility, and the U.S courts declared that the 8th amendment prohibits the death penalty. The treatment of juvenile offenders uses the rehabilitative method in trying to change the behaviors by using therapy, educational, or vocational programs. The supervision of the individual is done by the integration of the officer assigned to the juvenile’s case, the juveniles parents, and the school in which they reside. The three proceedings that take place on a juvenile case are the initial hearing, the adjudicatory hearing or fact finding hearing, and the judgment which takes into consideration of possible dispositions of the juvenile. The disposition outcomes are when a hearing is performed by juvenile judges that determine the most appropriate outcomes for the youth.
Fagin, J.A. (2014). CJ2013. Boston: Pearson.

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