Essay on Formal And Formal Education Systems

Essay on Formal And Formal Education Systems

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According to my studies, if we examine the literature around formal education that has appeared in the last thirty years or so, three main traditions or approaches emerge. Each of these has something to say about the nature of formal education and bring out different aspects of the phenomenon (Smith, 2002). Three various approaches of education known as formal, informal and non-formal all play a role in today’s society.
Formal Education, (F.E) in the late 1960’s, there was considered a world crisis (Coombs, 1968). Education growth and economical growth were not aligned with each other and it was not producing positive results in the job market. Meanwhile, people probably had loans to pay back and they were not making enough money to do so. The conclusion was that the formal educational systems had adapted too slowly to its environment. In a sense people were held back by their slow changing environments. Economists began to make a distinction between all three education systems (Fordham, 1993:2). Formal education is defined as the hierarchy structured, chronologically graded education system, that includes primary to universities and skilled training facilities. It is also a variety of specialized programs and institutions for full-time technical and professional learning thus, considered a form of traditional learning that is classroom based provided and usually instructed by trained, certified and licensed teachers.
In my opinion, this is what a majority of individuals may be experiencing in today’s modern society that can ultimately create a chain reaction of negative events to name a few, being over qualified for their jobs, lack of competitive salaries and unemployment. Furthermore, the highest level of education in the for...

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...formal system - whether operating separately or as an important feature of some broader activity - that is intended to serve identified learning clienteles and learning objectives".
In my opinion, N.F.E is a non structured instruction that takes place outside the classroom. Examples of this type of learning are as follows:
• Youth recreation centers,
• After School Services-
• Certification classes, I am a licensed insurance producer and I have to attend continuing education workshops in order to obtain my certification course requirements. We have not tested during the classes and we gain knowledge by the individual presenting the course and from classmates.
In summary, I have defined and showed examples of various methods of education, such as, formal, informal and non formal education. They all are important tools that coexist in the learning environments.

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