Forgiveness Is A Decision That Is Made Through An Intricate Process Essay example

Forgiveness Is A Decision That Is Made Through An Intricate Process Essay example

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Everyone has reconciled with forgiveness. Forgiveness can happen very quickly and easily or it can take years or even generations. It is subjective and goes beyond rationality. However, do people understand the entire process and the significance behind forgiveness? Forgiveness is a decision that is made through an intricate process. This includes multiple stages influenced by a variety of factors rather than a decision that is made based on only emotion.
Likewise, forgiveness is not about identifying, but analyzing the situation where forgiveness needs to take place. Sometimes, it is a painful process to replay the event. You are being reminded the evil others did to you. Therefore, people often try to avoid thinking about it or pretend they have dealt with the situation when in reality the memories are still haunting them. This often leads to misunderstanding and distortion of the entire situation and ultimately blurring the reality with false justifications and self-delusion. Therefore, it is important to keep logic and rationality as it will help the analyzation process.
Another important factor to consider when going through the re-identification process is revisiting the event internally and thinking whether or not the situation could have been prevented. Two, it is important to decipher what exactly caused the situation to escalate. To truly begin the process of forgiveness, it is necessary to re-identify and understand the entire situation because the initial perception of the event is not necessarily accurate.
Though forgiveness is not a decision solely made based on emotion, it is still important to understand and express them. A person can choose to deal his or her emotion by acknowledging the feelings in a receptiv...

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...tionship. Like forgiveness, the choice to reconcile is crucial. The decision to reconcile is a choice based on a variety of factors including environmental and psychological factors. To reconcile or not, it generally ends the process of forgiveness.
Forgiveness is for you, not the other person. Forgiveness is a gift given to someone who does not necessarily deserve it. It is not an instant decision given without thoughts and considerations. Rather, it is a process that is separated into different stages. These stages can happen so quickly that sometimes people don’t even realize that forgiveness is a process. Many times I have found myself in situations where it is difficult to forgive. For myself, this is when someone is not resentful for their actions. Although difficult, I believe that forgiveness is the only outlet for me to overcome anxiety and bitterness.

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