Forgiveness For Entering The United States Essay example

Forgiveness For Entering The United States Essay example

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I, Jose Miranda, am asking for forgiveness for entering the United States of America in June 2010 as an illegal immigrant. I was born and raised in Zacatepec, Morelos, Mexico. I was raised by my mother. My mother was and still is a single parent. I watched the struggles she went through in raising my brother and me. I decided to come to the United States to help my mother out financially and ease some of her stress. I came to this country to achieve a better living. In my native country (Mexico) there are many crimes such as kidnappings, violence, robberies, and killings. It is very difficult to have a better living life in Mexico. In Mexico a high school diploma is not enough to provide a decent living. In order to achieve a higher education you either go to school full time or work, you cannot do both as you can do it here. People have to choose between education and eating, most people decide on working to earn their daily bread. It is not the same as it is here in the United States, where students can go to school, work and still have a decent living.
My wife and I have stable...

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