Forests and Coniferous Trees Essay

Forests and Coniferous Trees Essay

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Forests are basically a complex mix of living things such as animals, trees, shrubs, plants, fungi, and many more, as they cover about 40% of Canada’s land. As forests play an important role in this complex community, as we need those to survive to build shelter, food for animals, and most important is fresh air.
There are many different types of forests that include different types of trees such as coniferous, and deciduous, such as boreal forests, mixed forests, deciduous forests, grasslands, cordilleran vegetation, west coast forests, and many more.
Coniferous trees are a type of tree that is also called a needle-leaved tree, which drops its needles during the fall; this special tree grows in a triangular shape, making it grow in an upward path. Thanks to their needles and their flexible branches, snow can easily rest on the trees without any damage. The needles can stay on the trees for years due to its waxy needles, and the thick bark can prevent the loss of moisture during the times of drought.
Deciduous trees are basically the opposite of what a coniferous tree would be, just like when the coniferous tree grows in an upward path, deciduous trees grow in an outward path, letting the branches and the leaves hang far from the tree itself. Deciduous trees have flat leaves that need sunlight and water in order to survive. The leaves start falling during the seasons of fall, and all the leaves fall from the tree at the time of winter, when it’s cold, and not enough heat from the sun, but the leaves start growing again during the spring seasons, when it gets warmer and when there’s more precipitation.
As trees are one of the most important things in our lives, people have different types of harvesting metho...

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...many ways in our economic ways, there are ways that these methods can affect the environment, in both good and bad ways, for even clear-cutting and selective methods of harvesting trees.
Harvesting trees can have some major impacts on the environment, such as when loggers clear-cut, they can create deforestation and leave many animals and living organisms homeless and can suffer. Deforestation means fewer trees will absorb the carbon dioxide in the air, which can create more greenhouse gas in our atmosphere.
Not only can clear-cutting can lead to deforestation, but can lead to soil erosion, as plants act as a barrier to slow down water as it runs off the land. The root fix the soil, and prevents it from washing away, the absence of vegetation causes the topsoil to erode more quickly, allowing difficulty for plants to grow in a less nutrition soil quality.

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