Essay on The Forest Of The Gombe By Jane Goodall

Essay on The Forest Of The Gombe By Jane Goodall

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Human are the most clever animals in the world. As the society developed, they are more concerned to seek for a harmony relationship with nature. The article “In the Forests of the Gombe” written by Jane Goodall describes the relationship of science and religious and the new understanding of humans through the forest. After Goodall’s husband died, she went through the Gombe jungle and found the new world by observing chimpanzees and staying in the quiet forest. Even though there are no communication between Goodall and chimpanzees in the forest, she still gets inner peace and enlightenment of science and religious.
Goodall gets better understanding by staying in the forest to enrichs herself and obtains a new sight of life. After her husband 's death,she is angry and disappointed to the life, she feels her life is dark. Thus she decides to go to Gombe and change a new environment to live. When she sees the beauty of the forest, she is shocked and totally integrated into the nature. Goodall is shocked by the nature’s beauty. “ as I struggled afterward to recall the experience, that self was utterly absent” (Goodall 147). Goodall lost herself in a long time, however at that point, Goodall recovers herself and understands her spirit power. She wants to be together with the nature and become the part of it. “Utterly absent” represents that not only she finds her real position ,but also she gets inner peace at that moment and redefined her self value. In addition, though the Gombe forest, she finally releases her self and starts the new life. “That afternoon, in a flash of ‘outsight’ I had known timelessness and quiet ecstasy, sensed a truth of which mainstream science is merely a small fraction”( Goodall 150). “Outsight” means tha...

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...uture. Moreover, science and religions also represent the relationship of human beings and the natural world. One the one hand, human always use scientific data to live and work. they prefer they would have right answer when they do every single things. On the other hand, there are supposed no connection between human and nature. However, they need to keep a harmony relationship to keep the evolution.
Forest makes Goodall get better understand human beings and helps her finds the “outside” of her life which encourage her to have a bright future. It also enlighten human about the coexistence of science and religion. Goodall gets inner peace when she stayed in the forest and know more about human culture which relate to the animals. Human should cherish all they have not only from the accomplishment they created but also from the natural giving to get inner peace.

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