Essay on Foresnic Nursing

Essay on Foresnic Nursing

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Forensic nursing has not always been recognized although practiced by nurses every day. In reality, all nurses no matter the specialty have developed some investigative techniques. A forensic nurse is a nurse who deals with violence, sexual abuse victims, and abusers. “In 1995 forensic nursing gained specialty recognition by the American Nurses Association. It is an emerging global nursing specialty, with subspecialties that focus on nursing practice at the clinical legal interface of tending to victims and offender, living and deceased” (Kent-Wilkinson, 2010, p.425). Today there is a great potential for professional growth and promotion in the forensic field of nursing. With many pros and cons to this field of nursing, it is the nurse’s personal desire to pursue this career that would make this career rewarding.
Roles and Job Responsibilities of a Forensic Nurse
There are many roles and responsibilities of a forensic nurse. No matter the age, gender, race, or any other factor that makes the patient unique, the patients are all in need of an advocate. Patients need someone to investigate and speak out for them when they are unable to do it for themselves. The nurse only sees the patient from the time he or she enters the facility to the time he or she exits. During that time that the nurse shares with the patient, it is up to the nursing team to investigate further to determine what the real problem is. Forensic nurses are mainly used for their distinct ability to render a patient aid and help law enforcement identify victims of abuse, neglect, and assault. When a victim comes into the emergency department or other nursing facilities, the forensic nurse begins his or her investigation once he or she first sees the patient. The for...

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