The Forensic Science Workplace Social Responsibility Essay

The Forensic Science Workplace Social Responsibility Essay

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Students who graduate from Charles Darwin University are expected to have particular qualities that help to maintain citizenship within their future workplace. In the Forensic Science workplace social responsibility is a fundamental attribute needed for an employee to effectively communicate, work in a team and achieve optimum job performance. Qualities such as effective communication and teamwork will be displayed unconsciously if Forensic Scientists are able to work under socially responsible conditions. Corporate Social Responsibility is the most important attribute of a graduate employee looking to work in Forensic Science because it helps individuals align their work with helping their community. Although, without the aid of effective communication skills and the ability to work in a team, employees are left with work efficiency somewhat to be desired.

Corporate Social Responsibility encompasses a range of workplace skills such as teamwork and communication and because of this structure, social responsibility is the most important skill needed in the Forensic Science workplace. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a practice that involves staff members participating in initiatives that benefit their community and society. Its purpose is not only to entice more customers to invest their patronage in a particular company but also contributes to a business workplace’s quality management system (Frolova & Others, 2014). In order for an employee to be considered socially responsible they must be able to consider ideas on how to increase potential customer’s awareness of their business by contributing to the removal of social or environmental problems in society (Fallon, 2014). Although, CSR is more valid for business and cor...

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...elp make employees work more efficiently and display qualities pertaining to workplace citizenship.

Corporate social responsibility in the Forensic Science workplace is important because in its practice skills such as teamwork, communication and leadership can be made easier to obtain. Individuals who are socially responsible within their workplace will think of ways to improve the workplaces appearance to the public and will therefore use effective communication to get their view of their workplace across and ask other staff members to assist them in doing this. Without the attainment of these three skills citizenship within the workplace will be non-existent and so this leaves Charles Darwin University graduates in a strategic position for potential work in the Forensic Science area as they have the three attributes necessary to maintain optimum job performance.

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