Essay on Forensic Science: Blood Spatter Analyst

Essay on Forensic Science: Blood Spatter Analyst

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Blood Spatter Analyst
Forensic science is a key aspect of Criminal Justice that helps rid the streets of lunatics and murderers. One of the most important fields of forensic science is blood spatter analysis. Under the Crime Scene Investigation, analysts gather the information that could eventually lead to a victim’s killer. Basic and complex information can be found when analyzing blood. We can learn what kind of weapon was used, the time of death of a victim and other important facts that can help a case. The pattern that the blood gives off give forensic scientists the tools that they need to help solve cases.
Investigators can find clues from a murder through a number of different ways. Typically they find out how many times someone has been stabbed or however many blows they received. Through the count of the times the action had been performed they can come to an understanding of whatever hand the suspect was using. Other information can tell how the suspect was standing over their victim during the time of death. A common tool that forensic units use is the ultra violet or UV light. An ultra violet light can detect different areas that contain blood that might not be able to be seen in other conditions. Another common tool is the blood reagent test that forensics use on scene. These tests determine if the blood is human or animal. (Renee Blake)
There are different types of bloodstain patterns that give a sense of what happened at the scene. The idea is to get a sort of background story from the random blood distribution. The different types of blood can tell us the method an assailant used such as passive blood stains. These stains are made from the drops off a weapon due to gravity. For instance, if an attacker w...

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...can-do spirit crime would almost be eliminated but only one can hope that people can make a change. Everything about analyzing blood seems like it is a suitable career to follow in. Although it isn’t for everyone, this job is demanding. This job needs people in order to help change the society we live in.

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