Forensic Analysis : Forensic And Dental Science Essay

Forensic Analysis : Forensic And Dental Science Essay

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Forensic Odontology or dentistry has been a very useful tool when it comes to identifying an unknown body. It has been used throughout history to give those thought lost back their identity and the families closure. To become a forensic odontologist one must first earn a DDS degree, then gain training in the field. Odontology can be done on the spot at a crime scene or at the autopsy. Bite mark analysis has made a huge impact in the incarceration of a criminal.
Forensic Odontologist must earn a Doctor of Dental Science (DDS) degree to become a dentist. More extensive training is required in the techniques and methods of forensic odontology, along with hands-on experience, often by observing a more senior professional. To become board certified by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, a forensic odontologist must accumulate 350 qualification points by attending meetings and other professional development programs, work 25 cases, and pass a qualifying exam. They are usually well paid, grossing an average well over $100,000 per year. This due largely in part to their medical training and their private medical practices. Few actually work exclusively as a forensic dentist and instead perform forensic services in addition to their general practices.
Forensic Odontology is the proper handling, examination and evaluation of dental evidence, which can then be presented in the interest of justice. They are involved in aiding investigative agencies to identify recovered human remains in addition to the identification of whole or fragmented bodies. Forensic dentist may also be asked to assist in determining race, age, occupation, and previous dental history of unidentified human beings. They are responsible for six main areas of pract...

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...which sponsors the removal of bitten tissue for microscopic examination. Others use advanced techniques such as scanning electron microscopy, computer-enhanced digitization, and xeroradiology. Computerized bite analysis software also exists. Once a suspect is apprehended, the forensic dentist makes one or more impressions of the suspect’s teeth, comparing then to the recorded bite marks, and if called to testify, renders an opinion of the probability of a match.
Though being a dentist came seem rather dull, the roll of a forensic odontologist seems pretty interesting. Being able to give “life” back to those who had it stolen from them or to at least get them the justice they deserve just by analyzing their teeth or bite marks is amazing. Forensic odontologists do not get recognized nearly enough for what they do when it comes helping out in the forensic crime labs.

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