Essay on The Foreman, A Football Coach

Essay on The Foreman, A Football Coach

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Juror 1, the foreman, is a football coach. Working with a similar age group as the defendant, he may have had more insight into the mind of a troubled young man than most of the other jurors may have had, and therefore might have better understood how they think and act. Based on his past experiences with young football players, he may have held some biases based on the observed actions of his own students. The foreman primarily works toward keeping order and calm among the members of the jury, so his major issue is that the defendant must have a fair trial, regardless of the backgrounds or beliefs of any of the individual jurors. He did not contribute too much to the discussion in terms of content, but he did fulfill his duty as foreman quite nicely. His beliefs followed a logical approach as he appealed primarily to logos, and it was only when another juror pointed out that the defendant’s knife could not have been stabbed downward as the witness had claimed that he changed his view, believing he finally had developed a reasonable doubt of the defendant’s guilt.
Juror 2 works as a bank clerk. As a bank clerk, there is little reason to believe that he would have much prior knowledge of what life might be like in the slums, so he might not have totally understood the defendant’s social circumstances and why he may have behaved as he did. Although the second juror voted not guilty for the majority of the movie, he at first pointed out that no one could really prove the defendant wasn’t guilty, especially since a witness testified against him, so therefore he must have committed the crime. At one point he pointed out, “It’s an awkward thing to stab down into the chest of someone who’s taller than you are,” which helped prompt the ...

... middle of paper ... words, although the witness may not have actually heard any screaming, that does not necessarily mean the victim did not scream at all. More value lies in the possibility of the complete truth of a seemingly false idea. Because of this, all information must be received with an open mind, because an unchallenged truth becomes a prejudice. For example, the tenth juror, who appeared to be the most racist of the bunch, listened to the evidence presented against the defendant and took it as an automatic truth, allowing the trial to only add to his previously formed prejudice against the defendant and other black men and women. Additionally, truth can become a habit if someone continues to believe a particular idea without ever stopping to question it, just as many of the jurors assume the defendant must follow their previously held stereotypes about how kids should act.

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