Essay about Foreign Retailers and Local Grocery Retailers

Essay about Foreign Retailers and Local Grocery Retailers

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To what extent do foreign retailers affect the revenues of local grocery retailers in Indore, Madhya Pradesh?

Research Question:
To what extent do foreign retailers affect the revenues of local grocery retailers in Indore, Madhya Pradesh ?
Primary Research:
In order to begin with my research, a market survey will be conducted. Questionnaires will be given to both consumers as well as producers. A sample size of approximately 30 people will be considered. Responses from consumers will give an insight into their shopping routines, and most importantly their reasons for choosing to shop from a particular store. On the other hand, the producer survey will allow me to understand the difficulties faced by local retailers as a result of new entrants in Indore.

Secondary Research:

Once I have concrete amount of data relating to retailers in Indore, secondary research will be focused upon. I will use relevant information about the retail industry in M.P and India as a whole using newspaper articles, websites and blogs. Moreover, IB Economics textbooks will be used in order to help apply the theories and concepts necessary for this particular topic. Firstly, the theory of competition will be taken into account in order to compare the present scenario of the industry with the past i.e. before the entrance of foreign retailers. In addition to this, the concepts of costs, revenues and profits will also be helpful as it will give an insight as to how the practices employed by foreign retail stores affect the sales of local grocery retailers. Moreover, the PED and YED theory will further help in the analysis of how discounted prices/price discrimination allows foreign retailers to set themselves ap...

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