Foreign Policy Paxton Hibben and Henry Morgenthau Essay

Foreign Policy Paxton Hibben and Henry Morgenthau Essay

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Paxton Hibben

Paxton Pattison Hibben, soldier, diplomat, and journalist, born December 5, 1880 grew up to become a prominent voice in shaping American foreign policy in the World War I era. Lending his experiences as a solider, his skills as journalist, and his position as a United States diplomat, he helped bring the voices of foreign powers and peoples to the American people and government. Devoting much of his time and resources to humanitarian aid he helped in the rebuilding of war ravished nations, and the release of Japanese prisoners of war. Going beyond just governmental influence, Hibben worked to change the hearts and minds of the American people toward foreign nations as well. Hibben’s out spoken nature and inability to let an injustice pass silently landed him in trouble numerous times with the government he worked for, making for an eventful life of political and social influence.
As a Harvard graduate with a degree in law Hibben decided to pursue the life of a United States diplomat. He was not far along on the path before he received an invitation to join the United States government in service as a diplomat by President Roosevelt himself. Serving the United States Hibben found himself in St. Petersburg Russia where he worked hard to learn the language and witnessed the first hand the effects of war in the Soviet nation. It was here that Hibben gained his first national recognitions in humanitarian work. Through his service in the Russo-Japanese war toward Japanese prisoners of war in Russia, Hibben was awarded the declaration of the Fourth Class of the Order of the Sacred Treasure by the emperor of Japan. Hibben worked providing immediate physically aid, and aiding in their eventual release and return. In hi...

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