Foreign Policy Of South Africa Essay examples

Foreign Policy Of South Africa Essay examples

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1) When examining the foreign policy of South Africa and the means with which they seek their objectives, the simple answer can be found in Chapter 7 of the National Development Plan (NDP), "South Africa’s foreign policy must be shaped by the interplay between diplomatic, political, security, environmental, economic and regional co-operatives dynamics that define early 21st century international relations '." (
South Africa 's strategy is one of concentric circles. Africa is in the inner circle, followed by the Southern Hemisphere, and finally then the northern Hemisphere and global multilateralism. South Africa strives to protect her national interests and promote her values by means of multilateral and bilateral interactions. The bilateral objective is utilized to protect South Africa 's territory and sovereignty. The multilateralism is an attempt to obtain an international law system. South Africa is a huge proponent of the African Union (AU). South Africa looks to promote the "African Agenda" which is entered around Sustainable Development. This looks like a combination of "democracy, good governance, human rights, peace and security" (
South Africa views herself as one of the major powers of the African Continent. It has the second largest economy in Africa (Nigeria is the first) and has used troops to help quell and mediate many conflicts throughout the continent. In order to grow their influence, South Africa is not only a founding member of both the UN and the AU, but also a member of "Group 77... Southern African De...

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...licy making as Israel supplies the US with tons of technology and military resources. Having a super power as a constant ally is one of the primary ways Israel is able to balance her objectives of peace and security in the midst of continual warfare. While the religious factor and the Arab factor keeps the country war-torn, I believe that the allies Israel have been able to obtain and keep throughout the decades play a vital role in keeping the wolves at bay while the Israeli’s and Palestinians hash out their internal conflict.
I don 't know what the correct answer is for Israel to achieve their object of peace and security in the midst of constant warfare and hostile nations. I don 't believe Israel is going to go away, so possibly she can only continue her balancing act of a show of power but at the same time trying to extend the olive branch.

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