Essay about Foreign Policy and the Election

Essay about Foreign Policy and the Election

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The preseason leading up to Election Day helps determine who will become the next president. This period is full of debates and speeches to persuade American citizens to vote a certain way during the elections. During the preseason, the presidential candidates take their stance on the issues and use them to gain popularity and, generally, the candidate with the most popular opinions is favored by the American people and wins the election. When the current president is not up for re-election, as they either chose to not have a second term or have already completed their second term, the preseason usually takes more time as history shows the two major parties go through a thorough process to put the best nominee forward. However, during the 2012 Presidential Election, President Obama is running for re-election while the Republican Party is working on its nominee. One of the advantages that the president has when running for re-election is the experience, which has shown to be an important factor to the American citizens, but if a president has this experience, he has also already taken action on some of the issues and this action, or lack thereof, could either help or hurt his popularity. One of the issues the President Obama has chosen to take action on is America's foreign policy, specifically America's involvement in Iraq. With a little over a year until the 2012 Presidential Election, President Obama fulfilled his promise and duty to the American citizens by beginning to bring the troops home which he claims should be done by the new year. The true question lies in whether or not this action will have an effect on his popularity. The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post have covered President Obama's ...

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