Foreign Markets: Foreign Countries Potential of Return on Investments Essay

Foreign Markets: Foreign Countries Potential of Return on Investments Essay

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This analysis takes into account the factors in evaluating foreign countries potential of return on investments to your investors. Our team has taken several factors including political, social, economic, technological, environmental, and legal indicators affecting the business of International Investment Inc.
Political Environment:
International Investment Inc. foreign markets cut across 18 relatively stable governments that provide a promising environment for businesses to flourish. These stable governments reduce risks of doing business, overall lowering the business costs of International Investment Inc. foreign markets.
These countries have also enjoyed long periods of democratic space, which further instilled the freedom of doing business, raising the visions of future prosperity. Switzerland for example is ranked amongst the least corrupt nations globally amongst the most thriving markets. Furthermore, International Investment Inc. markets are devoid of corruption thus ensuring fair investment opportunities
Economic Environment:
The positive economic growth indicated by the rising stock market indices in the firm’s countries of operation further guarantees a sustainable investment portfolio to clients. Henry Anthony, author of Understanding Strategic Management, asserts that a positive economic outlook is due to the sufficient natural resources that portends sustainable profitability to our clients (132). The diversity in markets from North America to Asia spreads the risk to clients and in case one market fails, the risk spread strategy covers investment.
Social Environment:
By investing in International Investment Inc., a company that participates in corporate social activities, clients can enjoy the goodwill of e...

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...sing solar energy for office use. Recycling electronic equipment is another major aspect of the company’s conservation strategies.
Legal environment:
International Investment Inc. is a legally registered company with divisions across 18 countries. The company has patents for all its products and services, therefore protecting its investors. The firm further conforms to all laws in its countries of operation to avoid legal tussles with local authorities. As an ISO certified institution, investors adhere to the highest standards of legal certification.
To conclude, after considering these statistical and political and socio economic findings regarding International Investments, we duly recommended the company as a viable investment option. Finally, the company should continue providing global financial services to businesses and individuals in international markets.

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