Foreign Languages And Translation Providers Essay

Foreign Languages And Translation Providers Essay

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Foreign Languages and Translation Providers
We start with the assumption that you have already decided which foreign country buyers to entice to purchase your property or properties (based on your local news about such international investors in the area or you have researched the markets thoroughly and found out the best direction to market your particular type of a property) and thus you know exactly what language you should use to be successful in the chosen buying market. It can happen that nationals of several different countries might be your best targets simultaneously, but for simplicity we will talk about just one foreign nation here and then you can apply your knowledge to other nations and languages if required.
Lucky you are if this is your own language: Whether you master both languages of the countries where the property for sale is located and where the buyers are supposed to come from, or both countries speak the same language (i.e. the English-speaking Canadians buying in the U.S.). Then you have no difficulty to arrange your internet presence in the language of your potential real estate buyers - everybody admits that more than 90% of buyers start their properties researching journey on the internet.
Why should you care about the internet presence in the foreign countries and languages?
According to Wikipedia that cites various sources, English only occupies about half of the internet nowadays and what is even more important, the number of websites in other languages is growing rapidly. From the beginning of this century the use of English online increased by around 300%, a lower rate of growth than that of Spanish (700%), Chinese (1,300%), or Russian (1,800%).
The number of internet users by language (in millio...

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... miserable result and time and hopes wasted.
After you are assured that you will receive the high-quality foreign marketing texts that meet your needs from several particular translation providers, then you compare their prices and quotes for your one-time or ongoing translation tasks. Any translation provider would prepare a quote free of charge. Yes, money is important, but there is no sense to pay anything at all for a low quality job in translation.
And a couple of words about machine or automatic or free online translation tools: Never ever use them for your marketing (or legal) materials and serious business correspondence as the results might be catastrophic. These free tools are only good for getting a rough idea of what a foreign website is about or for translating short simple grammatically correct phrases that are not of the extreme importance for you.

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