Foreign Investors From Saudi Arabia And Invest Money Into The U.s. Based United Health Group Company

Foreign Investors From Saudi Arabia And Invest Money Into The U.s. Based United Health Group Company

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Persuasive Speech
The purpose of this speech is to persuade a group of foreign investors from Saudi Arabia, to invest money into the U.S. based United Health Group company.
Thesis: The changes implemented by the Obama health care reform will significantly increase revenue projections for United Health Group. The changes implemented by the Obama healthcare reform will secure a rate of return on their investment.
I. Introduction
According to a September 2010 edition of the Wall Street Journal, America had 51.5 million people that did not have health care. Up from 32 million when Obama Health Care Reform was drafted in March 2010. (Wall Street Journal)
Fast forward to January 2015, the Gallup review reported that the number of uninsured people decreased by 12.4 million. (Gallup) This occurred as the population increased by 9.7 million people. (Population Clock)
As the rate of population continues to grow and a gap of 27+ million people are still uninsured, the growth margins are substantial considering the potential customer base. This is an opportunity to invest in an industry that guarantees a profitable return.
Preview of main points
Facts around population statistics, number of uninsured people and projected cost / investment from the Government of the United States to the Obama health care reform.
Key points found in the Obama health care reform bill.
Actual current costs and statistics.

II. Body –

A. Facts
Statistics when the Obama Health Care Reform Bill was implemented:

Estimated population in the United States in 2010 = 310,537,757 (Population Clock)
Percentage of uninsured December 31, 2010 = 16.6% (Gallup)
Number of uninsured as of December 2010 = 51,549,267 (Wall Street Journal)

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...ited States of America, United Health Group (UNH) was worth $35.50 on December 27, 2010. (Yahoo Finance)
To align with stated estimates and projections, United Health Group (UNH) stock price closed on May 25, 2015 at $120.21. (Yahoo Finance)
That is a 300% per share increase over four years and five months.
United Health Group 2015 first QTR revenues of $36 billion grew 13% year over year. (United Health Group Press Release)
United Health Group added 1.6 million people to the plan management in the past year. In the first QTR of 2015, they added 1 million people. (United Health Group Press Release)

III. Conclusion – In conclusion, with plan management forecast projections targeted to double and backed by government funding, there is an incredible investment opportunity. The question is not whether you can make money, it should be how much do I want to make?

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