Essay about Foreign And Domestic Policies During The Cold War

Essay about Foreign And Domestic Policies During The Cold War

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The foreign and domestic policies during the Cold War lead to both the separation of world powers and the fear of political and social systems throughout the world. After World War 2 had ended, tensions between the United States and the Soviet Union heighted. The agreements made at the Yalta Conference between Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt , were not being followed by the Soviets. The Soviet Union kept the land they reconquered in Eastern Europe and did not enforce a democratic government in those countries, as they promised. Instead, the Soviet Union decided to continue spreading communism in their reconquered lands. The United States’ feared the spread of communism and attempted to do anything in its power to stop it. Before the United States was able stop the spread of communist beliefs the citizens of the United States government was becoming more and more paranoid.
The foreign policies created and imposed during the outbreak of the Cold War lead to the division and the unity of world powers. Winston Churchill created the term “iron curtain” to describe the separation between Eastern and Western Europe (Document A). On the Eastern side of the iron curtain laid the Soviet Union and communism, while the Western side of the iron curtain lied the United States, France, Britain and democracy (Document A). The iron curtain showed that the United States and the Soviet Union would not give up spreading their communistic beliefs. The Soviets wanted “absolute authority over the rest of the world” (Document E), which threatened the United States and all the other countries. The United States believed that by strengthening their economy and political circumstances, they would be an eligible contestant to face off with the Soviets (Do...

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...d in an attempt to take over the world and communism would spread. The U.S. passed major documents to help Western Europe recover and stop the Soviets and communism from spreading. Domestically in the United States, communism disrupted the peace between the government and the people when the House Un-American Activities Committee was formed. Senator McCarthy and HUAC accused many of participating in communist like acts and put them on a blacklist so the people would not be able to find a good job. Most of these people were innocent or had very little to do with communism but still had to face the consequences if accused. All of the hearings and interviews made by the HUAC made people distrust and despise the American government. The years of the Cold War showed the spread of the Soviet Union’s system of government and their beliefs causing the U.S. to fear for itself.

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