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The Foreclosure Crisis Essay example

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In my personal opinion the only way to stop the drastic rate of foreclosed homes across America is to start at the root of the problem, the retail and their greed to the consumer and their over indulgence. My plan is to lower the cost by reducing greed and increase the wisdom of the consumer and to install the idea of buying practical not egotistical.
The retail side of the industry, the construction outfits and the banks, are so caught up in living the “American Dream” of wealth and sloth that they scourge every last dollar so they can see their profits double or triple each year. The supply companies are at fault as well. Suppliers are still sick with greed and drive their prices up and lower the quality trying to match competing corporation prices. It seems to be no one likes the “honest and dependable approach” to manufacturing these days.
The construction outfits that purchase the products at the exaggerated rates then use the supplies which ever they may be. For every supply that is used the company will increase the rate again, not only for workers and bills, but for highest profit possible as well. Then there are all the waste materials. Everyone has seen the rather large construction dumpsters over flowing with good material. Instead of trying to use all they can construction companies will trash the good materials and make the consumer pay for it at the companies prices which is nearly double the price it was first purchased. We see this by looking at the price of the home, many homes cost in the upper hundred thousands when we all know that the home did not cost that much to build.
Once the structure is finished and ready for a family to move in and call it a home, it is placed on the market by a real -estate agen...

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...ich? How much fortune does it take to make you happy? You know that most major home building corporations have ever increasing profit when not even the laborers of their team can never dream or purchasing one of the houses they help build.
To the banks; Please take a moment to think about the loans you are going to make to these families. Think if this huge home is ideal for a man and his wife with no desire for children. Do not let an individual purchase a home when they can not hold a steady job, or one that makes a large purchase every other week that exhausts their entire pay check. Most importantly do not sign a loan to some one which you now for a fact can not make this dream happen. If the family is struggling financially they need to stop and try to fix the situation and get the finance worked out and prepared before making the first step to owning a home.

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