Essay on Ford : The Man 's Truck

Essay on Ford : The Man 's Truck

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The Man’s Truck
In the last thirty-eight years, Ford has known how to target the audience they have for the F- series of trucks. After the new advertisement that Ford produced it can be implied that they replicated their success again. With the first commercial being aired on television and online during the 2014 college football playoffs, Ford had a marketing strategy. It is apparent in almost all of the advertisements, including this one that Ford produced is to showcase the newest and the best of the best F-Series of trucks and that they aim to get all the hard working American man. The dream of most hard working men is to be well off, to have a family, and to have nice things to show the success they have worked so hard for. Ford tries to compel the consumer that the new 2015 Ford F150 is the truck to buy that shows how hard you work and is reliable and tough enough keep up with the hard working man that you are. In the advertisement for the 2015 Ford F150 it is easily perceived that convincing word choice, the setting, and the overall logistics of the advertisement appeals to the all American hardworking man.
Ford 's use of military themes appeals to the ethical standings of the consumer by using popular military commands and word choice. The beginning of the advertisement begins with Dennis Leary stating, “Forward march” (Forward March) a term generally known being affiliated with the military. The advertisement is not even three seconds into it and it already has begun to test the ethical standpoint of the potential consumer. Extremely clever on Ford’s behalf as it immediately pulls the attention of the consumer through the emotional appeal of the highly respected American military. As the commercial continues,...

... middle of paper ...

...ugh and can withstand anything that is thrown at it.
Overall, Ford does a great job using the tools that many advertisements use to tactically targeting the audience they wanted to target. Ford has been selling the F series of pickups for 38 years and has great success at doing so. This year was no different with how Ford advertised the new F150. Right from the beginning of the advertisement and having Dennis Leary simply start out the commercial, “Forward March” it completely grasped the attention of the future consumer. While obviously having to talk about what the new truck had to offer it kept the attention of the consumer with all the new advancements. In the advertisement for the 2015 Ford F150 it is easily perceived that convincing word choices, the setting, and the overall logistics of the advertisement appeals to the all American hard working man.

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