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Essay The Ford 's Theater Website

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The Ford’s Theater is one of the nation’s most notable historic sites in the United States, and it is the historical site I have chosen for this short essay. There were two websites from which I could choose from to analyze and critic to complete my assignment for this class. The first being the Ford’s Theatre Foundation website and the second being the National Park Service Ford’s Theatre website. I chose the first because after looking at both websites and partially writing my essay my disappoint with the National Park service and the disservice they did with the public in regards to their marketing and the overall display of their website pushed me to choose the first site for this particular essay. The Ford’s Theater website did and amazing job far exceeded all expectations when it came to their purpose, promotion and educating the public.
The opening page of the website was not very appealing and quite frankly almost made it a where I backed away from entering the site. The assumption a visitor might get is the Ford’s theater is just that a theater and nothing more. Although there is a small logo above the pictures of the actors on stage of Lincoln with the words “Ford’s Theatre” that is about all that indicates that Abraham Lincoln has anything to do with the website at all. However, if you do not back your way out of the website and click Enter Site you pleasantly surprised at what you find behind that small but powerful hyperlink. The true home page is cloaked by a “splash page” which is a promotion for company websites. Companies’ uses these splash pages to promote themselves, a product or inform the user of what operating system is needed for the particular software is being used. The home page has seven t...

... middle of paper ... to their financially reports which are also posted online for public viewing. The effort put into their website with user-friendly information and the ease of navigation from page to page, I believe will page off. This will come from more visitors throughout the year and a means by which people cannot only visit Ford’s Theater and enjoy virtually what many have never seen in person, but also support financially without ever stepping within the doors of their building. Many of the old mindset may not consider websites and virtual tours the real way in which you can visit a historic site. Nevertheless, this is a forum we are able to educate and give those who may have never seen Abraham Lincoln’s top hat and cuff links, John Wilkes Booth’s Derringer Pistol or a Playbill from “Our American Cousin” a chance to view these rare and key pieces of American history.

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