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The Army does a generally great job in terms of exercising information assurance, or in terms of the Department of Defense Instructions 8510.01, cyber security. Elements such as change management, acquisitions, segregation of duties and policies are simply a few of the elements which guide the soldiers within its ranks with the ability to exercise cyber awareness. However, though the elements presented below have proven their resolve, there are elements which are capable of being improved.
As we progress, we will take a look at the migration to the information architecture known as LandWarNet 2020 and beyond, an innovative strategy wit hopes to bolster security standing of the US Army. The massive undertaking will require the Army, Department of Defense, and other civilian agencies to review their policies, procedures, and processes as the organization(s) progress towards the year 2020.
With the migration to the LandWarNet 2020 and Beyond architecture, the Army itself has made the decision to focus on increasing overall security, while failing to focus on areas such as streamlining various processes, such as account creation. The ability to improve upon these shortcoming will allow the new architecture and the associated information systems to become more agile as well as cost efficient. The ability to operate within the constructs sequestration, may help to improve upon its inability to account for funds (Department of the Treasury, 2016).
Regardless, of the direction chosen to implement the LandWarNet 2020 and Beyond architecture, the overall security will remain intact. Though the implantation of the Risk Management Framework, agencies within the federal government have the ability to continue operations as usu...

... middle of paper ...

...used in the future; however, the Risk Management Framework and its continuous assessment requirement ensures the underlying polies are agile enough to mitigate the risks of the future. Regardless of direction, as the organization moves closer to fiscal year 2020 polices such as acceptable use, records management, and employee discipline policies will remain a staple. Without polices to guide employees, users have the potential to cause calamity, and is the first step to assuring risk is mitigated.
Despite address a few issues presented there is no major concerns regarding the overall security framework. Issues such as training gaps and the processes regarding account creation have been present since I first enlisted in the service over sixteen years ago. Though mitigating these issues would bolster security, there is no major alarms regarding their acceptance.

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