Essay about The For The Time Being

Essay about The For The Time Being

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Shandon Black
For the time being, I have my future almost completely planned out, which, for me, is an odd thing to have to do, as I am not usually the type who plans far ahead--only do I plan ahead in the short-term when some very demanding cause is at hand. But, as my future sits, it holds that I complete undergraduate school, move on to Medical school, and take all the steps necessary in becoming an ophthalmologist--the division of eye doctors that focuses on usually severe diseases of the eye; diagnosing, treating, and operating on such complications. School and profession are not my only focuses though. I have a passion for art and though I do not want to pursue a career in this area, I want to eventually open an art gallery, where I will host art shows and also display my own art. One of my not so far off goals is to own a motorcycle. I have a dirtbike, but I would almost give anything to have a street bike.
There are a few things in life that I value highly and wouldn 't let up for anything. Honesty holds high importance in my life and I try to always be as transparent as healthily possible, as I feel that, for the most part, people deserve the truth. This principle of honesty overlaps with my work ethic, which is that all tasks should be done to the best extent they can be; with dedication, in an honest, efficient way. Sure, it may take some effort and motivation to get started, but when work is done it should be done well.
I do have these few goals and morals, but as I said, I am not the type of person to have a set plan for every part of my life. This is counter-productive to my goals and somewhat goes against my values. If I want to reach any of my goals, there needs to be some type of plan...

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... to know more people--and plan to do so--by living on campus instead of commuting, which somewhat isolates me from others, since I mainly stay only to do schoolwork and study. If I do these few things to improve on my impact on our community, I would also benefit myself and feel more comfortable at school.
Going out and unlawfully under-age drinking was one of my much poorer decisions. The risks and negative factors associated with it are too high compared to any of its benefits, which are nearly inexistent. Too often, I don 't think carefully enough about the outcomes of my decisions before I act and this is something I need to improve if I want to reach my goals, live by my morals, and have a positive influence on my surroundings. I need to stay focused on self-development and altruism to ensure a better effect on the events I am involved in.

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