Essay about For The Better Health of All

Essay about For The Better Health of All

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Health is an interesting state of being. It is of great value in our society for its ability to help accomplish great things, to help humans perform at their best, and to overall make everyone feel good. It was once said by an Arabian Proverb that, “he who has health, has hope. And he who has hope, has everything” (“Arabian Proverb” np). This is entirely true; health provides humans with the greatest of opportunities to succeed and flourish in their ever changing world. Health can also destroy them just as easily. Technological advances have led to a sedentary lifestyle and people are becoming exceedingly more careless, especially when it comes to their health. With this being said, there must be a reason as to why humans continue to survive, despite their appalling health habits. This answer lies in the hands of health care providers, those who we turn to when faced with ailment or injury. People rely so heavily on their health care providers that a sudden denial of access to crucial medical attention rarely crosses their minds.
There is a circumstance when a health care provider, a person whose primary job is to maintain a person’s health and well being is forced to refuse treatment to a patient who needs their assistance. That circumstance is a pre-existing condition. This is when insurance companies deny coverage for a pre-existing condition and no patient, nor illness, is safe from this discrimination. There is no need or reason to ever deny a patient the health services that they require or the insurance to help them pay for it, because of a previous illness. From hay fever to heart disease; it will all be covered. .
A patient who is in the process of switching insurance companies walks into his health care prov...

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